Mick, Mac and Krzyzaniak Episode 2

Thank you to all of our listeners for all the support we’ve received since Ep 1.

Today, we bring you a little more food for thought – discussing every topic from political vitriol to the impending leak of Ken Bone’s nudes – from clean energy to free speech to the (now infamous, wildly-homophobic) Letter to the Editor from Norman’s Mary Harvey to the Norman Transcript. We may or may not discuss some Harambe and we definitely touch upon the short leap from kindergarten to Cards Against Humanity.

Give us a listen

We asked a lot from our listeners this week and would love to see your comments…leave them on the jorgekrzyz.wordpress.com site, on Facebook or hit me up on Twitter @JorgeKrzyz. You can also email the more collective us at mickmackrzyzaniak@gmail.com. Please contact us there if you are interested in sponsoring the podcast.

Thank you Donorschoose.org – you more than earn our podcast’s first shoutout.


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