Jorge Krzyzaniak, the renowned writer, poet and adventurer was born in the desert and raised in a lion’s den. He’s roamed about as a devout collector of experiences.

Feeling that so many of the most wondrous things about experiencing music have never been captured in writing and hoping that he has not betrayed the scenes by attempting to do so, on these pages, Jorge Krzyzaniak has set out to explore and express the most moving parts of the experiences he’s collected through music. A portion of all profits from advertising and sales through this blog site will go to trusted nonprofit organizations doing good things on the music scene. Your support is appreciated. If you see any posts you like, please share them.

Jorge also writes music reviews currently for New Territory Magazine and proudly contributed to the now defunct OKFolks Magazine. He appears in various publications and is the topic of occasional secret discussion in seedy locations.

The Beat, a collection of Jorge Krzyzaniak’s original art and poetry as influenced by the writers of the Beat Generation is now available on Amazon.com and is free for Kindle Unlimited. Dope Stories, Krzyzaniak’s first novel, is on its way.


Contact Mr. Krzyzaniak at jorgekrzyz@gmail.com


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