They Live (1988)

They Live (1988) Starring Rowdy Roddy Piper as Nada “They Live” is easily one of the most important movies in history. An astonishing political drama based on true events, this film features the “Hot Rod” as a hard working man already at the end of his rope – who promptly rages against the machine of the establishment when his eyes are opened (almost literally)  to … Continue reading They Live (1988)

The Marine (2006) Starring John Cena as John Triton

The Marine….yeah so…I finally watched most of that one.  I’ve been trying to get through that cinematic turd for weeks.       The bad guy from Terminator 2 reprises his role as an emotionless killer and sociopath; big stretch for that guy.  He and his gang of no name actors have John Cena’s wife for some reason and John keeps chasing them around some … Continue reading The Marine (2006) Starring John Cena as John Triton

Predator (probably the best movie)

There is but one film in the entirety of our history that can resonate in a man’s very soul in such a way that the meekest among us can be made mighty or that the proud can be made to shrivel in crippling fear.  This film is Predator, the most epic fucking tale ever spun. As a boy, it was the characters of Predator that … Continue reading Predator (probably the best movie)